Dear Readers,
This book, “St. John Vatatzis – The Marbled Emperor”, is a study of over 25 years with great effort and many kilometers, but I found that many others used my study on the Holy Emperor John Vatatzis for my own benefit and claim that they are the product of their own research and study. They sprouted, published all that they got and restated from my book, which is continuously enriched, published in the printed version and on the Internet for fifteen and fifteen years and is registered with the National Library of Greece under the ISBN: 978-960-93 -3806-6 (pursuant to the Copyright Act).

Also, with bitterness, I have to declare to all those who have been abusive, appropriated and profited from my book and have published extracts from my book and they have circulated them on the Internet and have made them their property, that I will use any legal means that arises from Intellectual Property, which, as I said above, is a work of life that I wrote with great effort and labor without interest for my own economic benefit, and as evidenced by the fact that I have distributed thousands of copies to Monasteries , Churches and individuals not completely free. We, the Holy Emperor, made it known to all over the world, noteworthy that it was published in four languages ​​(Greek, English, German, Russian) and the 26th edition of the book is already in circulation.

Finally, I know that my book on the Internet has over 500,000 visits from 109 different states without any advertising and no financial benefit.

Thank you,
George Valavanis

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