Georgios D. Valavanis
Writer, Literateur, Investigator of Writings, Member of the Association of Letters Arts of Thessalia and of the Association of Litterateurs Writers of Larissa (A.L.W.L.).



Saint Ioannis Vatatzis, Byzantine Emperor  
The remembrance of Saint Ioannis Vatantzis the Beneficent is celebrated at Byzntine Didimotixo on November the 4th in the Church of Christ the Savior of the castle, where the portable icon of the saint exists as a treasure, a creature of the popular art of 1958, and his Dismissal Hymn is written on it.  
Saint Sophie, Ioustinianos, Virgin Mary and Konstantinos the Greate  
Coins of 1222-1254
Era of byzantine Emperor Ioannis Vatatzis with the Virgin Mother in a ceremony of his coronation and on the other side of picture of Jesus